How Do Foreigners Acquire Property in Mexico?


There is a system in Mexico that allows non-Mexicans to purchase property, providing great protection for the property owner, and is very similar to fee simple ownership.

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Maya Train Brings High Expectations Among Real Estate Experts


The upcoming plan to link the entire Yucatan Peninsula is showing favor among local land and property investors who are expecting an increase in prices and land value.

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How to Choose a Vacation Rental Company


Choosing the right vacation rental company is important if you are booking for an extended stay in a home or condominium in the Riviera Maya.

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Empire Caribe Hotel Residence in Playa del Carmen Inspired by Orson Welles Film “The Lady from Shanghai”


Welles’ film noir crime drama, filmed on location in Acapulco aboard actor Errol Flynn’s yacht, makes a strong visual presence inside the walls of Mexican architect Alejandro Alarcón newest project.

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